How to Scale Project Duration from a Template

Have you tried to use a WBS template for a new project and found yourself manually changing every task date? There's an easier way to scale new projects. We'll cover that today, plus two other tips: diagnose Load DWH Job Failure and update a Crystal Report displayed as a PDF.

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1. WBS Template

2. Load Data Warehouse Job Failure

3. Crystal Report - How to Update a Report Displayed as XLS/PDF

1. We have a very detailed 16-month long WBS. Can we create a project with that template—make the project 8-months long— and not have to change all the task dates? 

Yes – when you create a new project from template (at the bottom of the create screen). there is a ‘scale by.’ So in this case, the scale is –50% because you want to go from a 16-month WBS to an 8-month WBS.

pastedImage_11 (1).png

2. We just updated fiscal time periods, time slices, and the first day of the week, and now the Load Data Warehouse job is failing with the following error:
ClarityDB - isOracle? - An error occurred executing this job entry :

Couldn't execute SQL: BEGIN




[CA Clarity][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-01422: exact fetch returns more than requested number of rows

ORA-06512: at "SST484P.RPT_CALENDAR_SP", line 330

ORA-06512: at line 2 
Anyone seen this before and know how to fix it?

Check that the First Day of the Week actually changed. If it hasn't, then it's not aligned with the DWH weekly timeslices, which causes the job to fail. 

3. Anyone have experience working with reports (Crystal) that display as either an XLS or PDF file when run through PPM? I’m only able to save the report to one of those two formats and therefore unable to update the source file (.rpt). Would we need to grab the (.rpt) file directly from the CMC?

Try changing the report output via the CMC to the standard (.rpt) format, then you should be able to make the necessary changes.

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By Camille Pack|May 08, 2017

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