Clarity PPM | Rego Consulting Named Among Top 10 Project Management Solution Providers of 2018

We're excited to announce Rego Consulting joins Smartsheet and Asana in Xplorex IT Magazine as one of the Top 10 Project Management Solution Providers of 2018. 

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Rego's recognition is due in part to our reputation. Since 2007, we've implemented Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) and IT Business Management (ITBM) solutions for 40% of Fortune 100 and 60% of Fortune 20 Companies. In 2018, we became a founding member of the PPM Global Alliance, which is an organization composed of consulting firms who are dedicated to sharing best practices, resources, and information to advance PPM software and services around the globe.

Jerry_250Jerry Dolak, Rego's Executive Vice President of Project Delivery, also attributes Rego's success to our consultants. 

“One of Rego’s core differentiating factors is our people,” said Jerry. “We hire practitioners—people who actually have experience. They understand what our customers are dealing with, what their challenges are, and how we can support them. Our focus is always on the client; it’s engrained in our personality. And, because we do hundreds of implementations and upgrades each year, we have a really strong understanding of best practices and approaches.“

Rego Services

Rego's Clarity PPM services are focused on plugging gaps, whether it's a rapid-delivery package, a 2-3 year roadmap, managed support, or training.

Recent Rego innovations for Clarity include an Action Item Email Responder (AIR) that allows users to respond to Clarity requests from within their email, without the need to login to Clarity. Other innovations include:

  • Pre-Built Base Kits for PPM
  • Over 100 pre-built integrations for HR, Agile, ERP/Financial Systems, Vendor Management, Time Management, Schedulers, Data Migrations, and Portfolios
  • Innovative help for companies moving to an Agile or hybrid workspace
  • Business Intelligence and RMO Solutions

Rego's solutions decrease delivery time and costs. It's a big value-add for organizations attempting to run projects more quickly and efficiently than ever before. And Rego Guides' vast knowledge and practical experience give companies valuable insights into industry trends and evolving technology tools.

"Rego’s customer retention holds at 98% and with such high customer satisfaction scores, it’s easy to understand why they’re known as the de facto leader in PPM and ITBM consulting.


Rego relentlessly pursues configuration, performance, reliability, and support breakthroughs. 

The result?

A drastic reduction in the overall cost and time it takes to deploy PPM and ITBM."

Read the rest of what Xplorex IT Magazine has to say about Rego Consulting by following the link below. 

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By Camille Pack|December 12, 2018

About the Author: Camille Pack

Camille Pack

Camille Pack has been in marketing for over a decade and started her career as a college composition instructor during graduate school. Technical writing lends itself well to mastery, and in her time at Rego, Camille has offered clients product support, configured environments, and served as both a project manager for an internal reporting group and a business analyst for a large external client. Camille holds an MA in Literature and Writing, a BS in Biology, and is currently Rego’s Marketing Director, where she helps share Rego’s expertise with organizations maturing Project and Portfolio Management.

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