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For more and more organizations, technology doesn't just enable the business, it IS the business—and needs to be run like a business. That’s where IT Financial Management (ITFM) comes in. ITFM provides IT organizations with the solutions—strategies, methodologies, and tools— to manage the cost, quality, and value of their IT services.

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So, how does ITFM dovetail into PPM? Good question, and we have the answers. Join Rego's senior consultants Dave Wachsmann and Doug Greer to learn ITFM solutions (strategies, methodologies, and tools) for managing the cost, quality, and value of your IT services.

Dave Wachsmann, Doug GreerIn part one of this webinar series Dave and Doug present “Where PPM Fits in ITFM” and cover key points in the following areas:

A brief overview of IT Financial Management: what it is, what it does, how it’s implemented, and the types of insight it can provide

Rego’s ITFM Practice: what our deployments look like, some real-world examples from our extensive customer base, and a quick overview of standards, best practices, and certifications

Where ITFM and PPM meet: key roles that PPM should fill in a broader ITFM system, how ITFM augments PPM (and how it doesn’t), and some typical insights that can be derived

And that’s just part one . . .

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By Camille Pack|Apr 4, 2018 4:37:05 PM

About the Author: Camille Pack

Camille Pack

Camille Pack has been in marketing for over a decade and started her career as a college composition instructor during graduate school. Technical writing lends itself well to mastery, and in her time at Rego, Camille has offered clients product support, configured environments, and served as both a project manager for an internal reporting group and a business analyst for a large external client. Camille holds an MA in Literature and Writing, a BS in Biology, and is currently Rego’s Marketing Director, where she helps share Rego’s expertise with organizations maturing Project and Portfolio Management.

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