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This is a preview of our new white paper on What's New in Clarity PPM (CA PPM) 15.5.0. For the full white paper, click below.

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Clarity PPM 15.5.0 enhances the Modern UX while retaining the full power of the Classic UI.

Now you can form teams with resource tracking, allocate teams to Projects, build and print detailed roadmaps (with Rego’s add on), easily access Classic UI pages or external tools like SharePoint and Google, and start testing ways to use Beta Investment Types.

Here is what’s new in Clarity PPM 15.5.0:

  1. Teams
  2. Channels
  3. Roadmaps
  4. Beta Investment Types
  5. Productivity Enhancements

If you’d rather watch than read, we have an on-demand webinar for what’s new in the Clarity PPM 15.5.0 release hosted by Rego PPM experts Sara Garvey and Ross Hensel.

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Executive Summaries


Page1-TeamsTeams and Team-Based Planning allow organizations to conduct resource planning in a more efficient fashion by eliminating the need to plan every task or Project all the way down to the individual resource.

Now you can group resources together into Teams and assign them to different Projects.

This makes it easier to create cross-functional groups for staffing purposes and keep a bird’s eye view on your resource allocation. 


Page2-ChannelsA great new add to Blueprints, Channels allow you to link to 5 external locations from within the Modern UX, so you can streamline access to other useful management tools.

You can also add Classic UI Channels to your Blueprints.

This flexibility makes it possible to manage more of your ecosystem from the Modern UX.

We’ve taken Channels to the next level with the Rego Channel Pack, which gives you access to Project-specific tabs in the Classic UI and allows full administration work from the Modern UX. You can read more about the Rego Channel Pack here.


Page3_Roadmap_Date_shiftRoadmaps in the Modern UX are one of the industry’s first combinations of visual Roadmapping with Time-Phased Fiscal Period Planning.

Other enhancements include multi-column grid sorting and the ability to save grid column widths in your view.

We’ve built a Rego Roadmap Printer that plugs into Google Chrome to make it easy for you to generate a PDF and print these roadmaps.

Click below for the complete white paper, where we go into more detail and cover all of the improvements and updates.

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By Camille Pack|January 30, 2019

About the Author: Camille Pack

Camille Pack

Camille Pack has been in marketing for over a decade and started her career as a college composition instructor during graduate school. Technical writing lends itself well to mastery, and in her time at Rego, Camille has offered clients product support, configured environments, and served as both a project manager for an internal reporting group and a business analyst for a large external client. Camille holds an MA in Literature and Writing, a BS in Biology, and is currently Rego’s Marketing Director, where she helps share Rego’s expertise with organizations maturing Project and Portfolio Management.

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