Clarity PPM | Should On-Demand Clients Upgrade to 14.2?

Clarity PPM (CA PPM) 14.2 is the only release allowing Business Objects and Jaspersoft reporting side-by-side. As you prepare for a reporting transition, you'll want to take into account four reasons Rego Consulting recommends upgrading to Clarity PPM 14.2 before this fall. 

Clarity PPM 14.2 | Tandem Jaspersoft and Business Objects Reporting

With the current release of Clarity PPM, On-Demand (SaaS) users are able to install Business Objects (BO) reporting alongside Jaspersoft reporting. This means there are several incentives, aside from our Clarity PPM 14.2 Pros and Cons, for upgrading as soon as possible.

1) Having both reporting platforms in tandem allows for a less complex upgrade.

2) Having both reporting platforms in tandem allows more time to rebuild custom reports.

3) Having both reporting platforms in tandem gives you more time to learn and train on the Jaspersoft reporting platform before adopting it exclusively.

But these aren't the only things to consider when it comes to your upgrade-timeline. Perhaps even more importantly, upgrading now will potentially allow you longer BO support.

Clarity PPM 14.2 | Longer Business Objects Support

Based on historical experience, we anticipate BO support from CA through the end of 2016, as long as you're running Clarity PPM 14.2.

However, when the new release arrives this fall, it's doubtful On-Demand users will be able to upgrade to 14.2, and almost certainly impossible after the end of the year.

Since the next release of Clarity PPM won't offer Business Objects as a reporting solution, you're far more likely to have BO support longer if you do the 14.2 upgrade now.

In fact, many companies still plan to get a lot more from their Business Objects with this upgrade. See Doug Greer's article, Jaspersoft is Available, So Why Upgrade Business Objects.

While you have the chance, Rego Consulting recommends all On-Demand (SaaS) users of Clarity PPM upgrade to v14.2 before the next release of CA PPM arrives sometime this fall.

This will allow you longer BO support, and you'll be able to use both reporting platforms in tandem while you begin the process of Jaspersoft training and adoption. You'll also experience simpler upgrading and more time to rebuild your custom reports.

If you liked this post, learn about Clarity PPM 14.2 Performance Pros and Cons, featuring Doug Greer, Clarity PPM Solutions Architect.

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By Rego Consulting|July 28, 2015

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