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In this week's Learn PPM with Rego, we'll explore five Clarity PPM (CA PPM) questions and answers.

  1. What are the commands I need for Jaspersoft issues?
  2. How can you find summary task flags? Task - summary="true" :::: Question
  3. Is there a workaround for Auto Suggest on Custom Query Lookups?
  4. What kind of Heat Map can Jaspersoft do? 
  5. How do we setup Jaspersoft security to allow users to execute / run reports in Jaspersoft and not create new ones?

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1. What are the commands I need for Jaspersoft issues?  


admin update jasperParameters

This command updates the jasperadmin user's profile attributes with the parameters from properties.xml.
admin jaspersoft syncPPMContext -userName superuser -password superuser

  1. If the ppmjasperadmin does not exist in Jaspersoft or Clarity it will create it in both systems.
  2. If a new keystore is generated in between, then the profile attributes will be encrypted using the new keystore.
  3. If profile attributes related to database properties changed, then those profile attributes values will be updated.
  4. Adds additional profiles that need to be added.
  5. Updates the domain schema names for all OOTB domains.

admin content-jaspersoft csk restoreDomains -userName superuser -password superuser

  1. Replaces all the OOTB domains which are under the ca ppm/domains folder.
  2. It updates the schema name of all the OOTB domains to map to the correct schema name.
  3. It runs the dynamic domain updates to add DWH enabled custom attribute to the domains.

2. From the database, is there a way to find out which of the tasks have been flagged as summary tasks?


Prtask.pristask = 0 if summary1 if detail

3. Is there a workaround for Auto Suggest on custom query lookups?

I’ve noticed that this functionality is sketchy. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it just doesn’t. I have a query setup with the following code:

from odf_ca_project p
join inv_investments i
on =
where trim(cv_clarity_finance) is not null
and @filter@
group by

I have the auto suggest tab setup like this:


After trying every combination of the three fields as search keys, the lookup has never returned results in an auto-suggest drop down while typing. I’ve tried xogging the object and the lookup.  I’ve tried clearing caches. I’ve tried deleting both the field and the lookup and recreating, but it doesn’t seem to help.  

Is there a trick to getting this to work or is it just broken?  Binoculars always return results.  Auto-suggest never has.


We noticed deleting the lookup and recreating it did not have any effect. This code also ignores case, so it is not a case sensitivity issue. To eliminate the group on the top level, we tried the query in a sub-query.

For some reason that works.  There is definitely a bug around this functionality but this workaround seems to be a solution. We changed the query to read as follows:

from (
    trim(p.cv_clarity_finance) budget_code
    , project_name
    ,i.code project_id
  from odf_ca_project p
  join inv_investments i
  on =
  where trim(cv_clarity_finance) is not null
  group by
) q
where @filter@

4. Can we create a heatmap like this requirement in Jaspersoft?



This is the most I’ve done with a heatmap in Studio. It took coaxing to get this to work, using a CSV as a datasource with some dummy data:

I haven’t been able to dive deeper into the heatmap functionality, but the requirement you show above may be beyond what Studio can currently handle.

5. How do we allow users to execute / run Jaspersoft reports but not create new ones?


If you give the users the ability to just navigate instead of adhoc create, this will let them see some reports. From there make sure the role “role_user” has the access to read only on the reports they want ran. Remember to make sure they have access to read only on all the folders, to access that report. The users have to have access to the reports and the folders leading up to it.

A special thanks to David Zywiec, Darren Greer, Chris Shaffer, Jenn Rinella, and the Rego Team for this great material.

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