PPM Global Alliance Delivers Trusted PPM Software & Services Around the World

By Camille Pack|December 03, 2018

We're excited to announce the formation of the PPM Global Alliance. The PPM Global Alliance is...

RegoU 2019 at Private Island off San Diego Coast

By Camille Pack|November 30, 2018

We're happy to announce RegoUniversity 2019 will be held Sept 29th - October 2nd at Paradise...

Sync Outlook with Clarity PPM Resource Availability

By Camille Pack|November 29, 2018

RegoLink delivers an easy way to save time and increase accuracy in projecting resource...

Here's What Broadcom's Acquisition of CA Technologies (CA) Means for Your Clarity PPM Services

By Camille Pack|November 20, 2018

You may have heard that Broadcom acquired CA Technologies (CA), and we at Rego are excited about...

Rego Consulting Acquires IT-ROI Solutions

By Camille Pack|November 19, 2018

This merger of services and software simplifies the PPM journey for PMOs and end users.

Hear Joshua Leone Speak About the Value of PPM System Integration

By Camille Pack|November 16, 2018

On Nov 29th, Joshua Leone, the CTO of Rego Consulting will discuss the benefits of integrating...

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