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As the leading PPM, ITBM, and Work Management services provider, Rego Consulting has helped hundreds of organizations achieve a higher return on their software investment, including 50% of Fortune 100 and 70% of Fortune 20 companies.

Clarity PPM | Should On-Demand Clients Upgrade to 14.2?

By Rego Consulting|July 28, 2015

Clarity PPM (CA PPM) 14.2 is the only release allowing Business Objects and Jaspersoft reporting...

Clarity PPM | How to Turn User Notification Preferences Off & On

By Rego Consulting|July 19, 2015
James Gille, Clarity PPM (CA PPM) Solutions Consultant

If you're new to Clarity PPM and trying...

Clarity PPM | Create a Process Deployment, Schedule, and Deletion

By Rego Consulting|July 13, 2015

  Juan Ortega, Clarity PPM Technical Consultant

 We learned how to create a new process workflow...

Clarity PPM | How to Create a New Process Workflow

By Rego Consulting|June 29, 2015
Juan Ortega, Clarity PPM (CA PPM) Technical Consultant

Clarity PPM | Quick Tips: How to Execute a XOG

By Rego Consulting|June 17, 2015

In this demo video, Dave Matzdorf, Clarity PPM Chief Architect at Rego Consulting, shows us how to...

Clarity PPM | Six Best GEL Practices

By Rego Consulting|June 16, 2015


Today we'll go through six best GEL practices our PPM partner IT-ROI Solutions shared in a ...

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