Clarity PPM | The PPM Podcast—New from Rego Consulting!

You read it right—Rego Consulting just released a new podcast, available here.

steve_camille200.jpgHosted by Rego’s Chief Marketing Officer Steve Winchester and Marketing Director Camille Pack, and produced by Michael Murdock, The PPM Podcast is a fun and entertaining way to get tips and tricks and stay up-to-speed on the latest developments in the PPM industry.

Our inaugural episode features an interview with Jen Scarlato: Senior Solution Consultant and one of Rego’s first PPM road warriors. She’ll discuss Rego’s beginnings and dive headfirst into relevant topics like PMO success, APM, change management—and the never-ending supply of pasta in her home. Ever the storyteller, Jen will also recount her oblivious encounter with a famous NFL football coach.

Also in this episode:

  • Steve and Camille quiz each other on how to export a Clarity PPM (CA PPM) project dashboard to PowerPoint and transfer custom attribute attachments between ideas and projects (spoiler alert: Camille wins).
  • A recap of our recent webinar with Atul Kunkulol and Sankhadeep Dhar on Power BI for on Premise and On Demand clients of Clarity PPM.
  • A plug for Rego Community—an internal email group where all of our expert guides can share best practices, ask questions, and get guidance. It’s a great way to pool the years of experience that exists among our consultants.

We’re excited to begin this new podcast adventure, and we want YOU to be a part of it! Questions or comments? Shoot us an email at

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By Rego Consulting|November 07, 2017

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