Clarity PPM | The PPM Podcast: Grant Zemont on Compassionate Leadership

Rego Consulting just released a new podcast, available here.

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This week’s episode features an interview with Grant Zemont, Project Manager and Change Agent for Rego Consulting. Over the past twenty years, Grant's career has revolved around the project management discipline with an emphasis on the people side of the equation and empathetic leadership.

Grant recently spoke at PDMA on change management, and you can read his advice on setting up an RMO here: Set Up a Resource Management Office the Right Way.

Grant is a popular speaker at RegoUniversity, the largest annual Clarity PPM (CA PPM) conference, and when he's not teaching or running projects for large organizations, he likes to put in his earbuds and hit the drums. Listen to his observations on how to lead change here.

Also in this episode:

  • Steve and Camille tackle the PPM Question of the Week with help from a Bimodal Agile White Paper

    “My company has been trying to move to agile this year, but it’s been a slow process and we haven’t made a lot of headway. What are you guys seeing with other companies moving to agile? Are they successful?”

  • What are the top favorite movies of project managers? We're doing a special poll. Send us yours to, and be part of the survey!
  • For those using Clarity PPM, we answered a fun user question. "Help. People keep changing my project's sub-projects! Can we hide the button, so they can't mess with the hierarchy (parent/child/grandchild)?"  You can find Rego's answer in the CA Community.  

We’re covering all this and more in Episode 3 of The PPM Podcast, available here.

The PPM Podcast is hosted by Steve Winchester and Camille Pack and produced by Michael Murdock. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed making it!

Questions, comments, or a favorite movie? Shoot us an email at

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By Camille Pack|November 21, 2017

About the Author: Camille Pack

Camille Pack

Camille Pack has been in marketing for over a decade and started her career as a college composition instructor during graduate school. Technical writing lends itself well to mastery, and in her time at Rego, Camille offered clients product support, configured environments, and served as both a project manager for an internal reporting group and a business analyst for a large external client. Camille holds an MA in Literature and Writing, and a BS in Biology.

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